Individual training

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You want a trainer's undivided attention. Why not? You deserve it. Our experienced staff can put together a specialized training program for you and follow you along the way. Tell us what you want. We listen, we guide and we motivate. We'll show you how to exercise safely and effectively for you..


Group Training

Group training is a great way to meet new friends while getting in shape. Check out the specials we offer by coming in. It's the perfect way to check us out, have some fun, and get your fitness on!


Start training today

Whether you've been exercising for years or never set foot in a gym, let Rhonda's Fitness be your next step to a healthier you.

Your goal is our goal. There is no competition. There is no judgment. Take it as slow as you need. Go as hard as you want. Looking to build strength, increase flexibility, or lose a few unwanted pounds? We can help you.  Do you want to make a drastic lifestyle change or need help recovering from an illness or injury? We can guide you down that road too.

Make the commitment to be healthy and strong. We'll be your partner every step the way.

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